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Loverholic, Robotronic ~ :)
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23rd-Mar-2011 11:38 pm - Hello! AGAIN ;)
 Oh yess. So I'm  back here on LJ. Ohh, I've missed this. But honestly.. I still dunno how to use it. Pls, bare with me! TT.TT
6th-Apr-2010 12:48 pm - Happy Birthday Ryutaro Morimoto !!
Otanjoubi Omedetto !
Saengil Chukha Hamnida!
Maligayang kaarawan !
Happy Birthday !

Happy 15th Birthday My dear.
Remeber that My Love is always here for you, Okay?
And always take care of yourself. I will be always loving you.
Stay strong . And goodluck on your career. Lovelots my dear :D


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24th-Jan-2010 01:26 pm - MOSHIMONSTERS :D
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18th-Dec-2009 08:55 pm - CREDITS AND THANKSS! :D
 thankss for the icon pictures! ^^ credits to , yamada_love (wrote in our_colors)
11th-Dec-2009 01:54 pm - Scarp Teacher cast at Shimura Zoo. :D

yo! minna, last night.
i watched some videos of JUMP.
the one video of JUMP that i watched is Scrap Teacher cast at Shimura Zoo.
gawwd, i love Chinen's Reaction!
wanna know why he's reaction is like that?
it's because the cute animal that Daiki's holding is eating

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look, there they are! :D kawaii ne! Dai'chan :))

here are some pics:

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*gomen minna, i'll just upload the others tomorrow.
i'm just BUSY ne? :) arigatou! ^^
8th-Dec-2009 09:49 pm - OYASUMI :)
Gudnyt everyone :) i'm really sleepy already.
muaapx :-* until tomorrow. :D
ingaat lhat. takecare! :)

8th-Dec-2009 09:32 pm - ONLINE AGAIN.

woahh, gudeve everyone! :D
aghh, enjoying my last days at school.
btw, the picture that i posted is when we went to Tagaytay
here in the Philippines :D how beautifeul huh?

until now, now one gives any comment on my entries. i also think if anyone read it.
ohh, i wish there were some ne :D


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7th-Dec-2009 10:22 pm - OYASUMINASAI MINNA :D

today's fashion point :D
the new dress that i bought a while ago.
love yellow huh? *silly* i'm a bit DORKY ne?
i'm kinda .. i'm in a hurry when taking this picture. because my mom is already calling me!
*hurrying* grr, still .. it's still cold ;D CHRISTMAS holiday is already near! :D
ohh, btw. my niichan! (yuto'kun) replied on my comment last time ..
heres the picture **:

It's not seen properly! but it's in the middle. just sharing it to you guys.
that's the true Yuto Nakajima :D *banzai* ... * get killed by his fans*
soo, jyaa ne~ lots of hugs! :D kisses :-*
OYASUMI minna'san! :D
kiotsukete! :D
7th-Dec-2009 07:54 pm - heeelp.
minna, pls heelp.
what's the quote that is written on Yuto's shirt?
including the other one's .. onegaii ^^
because i've only seen the quote that is written on Dai'chans shirt.
i think that's ~ Song of Sexy Love ~ ?
plsss, heelpp mee. D: *crys*
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